H-G Fitter Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen

We are proud here at Henry-Griffitts to have not only the best fitters in the world but now we add Kathy to our list of  PGA Teacher of the Year award winners for her 2014 accomplishment.

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H-G Teams Up with The First Tee

We are happy to have teamed up with The First Tee for Junior golf. Check out our full line up for junior clubs and start your junior off right.

Junior Golf

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optimum golfing experience

In 1983 Henry-Griffitts was founded by Randy and another golf professional, Jim Griffitts, on the premise that players of all abilities tangibly benefit from custom-fitted golf equipment. They recognized that custom-fit golf clubs consistently enhance golfer performance – in ways that mass-produced, off-the-rack golf clubs cannot. For decades, Tour Professionals have insisted that manufacturers custom-fit their clubs – the tools of their demanding trade – to their specific body types and swing motions. Henry-Griffitts discovered what Tour Professionals have always known: On-course performance is maximized when clubs are custom fit. Then Henry-Griffitts started asking: “Why has this service been reserved only for the elite players?”