Jan Roberts


Jan has over 25 years experience in the golf industry including but not limited to be a player of the game, an LPGA golf instructor and a co-owner of a private golf club. Jan has written columns for Women’s Golf Texas Magazine, Dallas Business Journal and numerous golf websites. In addition, Jan was a past board member/member of The Executive Women’s Golf Association in both Texas and Arizona.

Jan is a certified Instructor for adaptive/physically disabled golfers (special interest in assisting Military Veterans). Jan has also instructed at LPGA Golf Clinics for Women, LPGA Lesson Zone at LPGA Tour Events and LPGA*USGA Girls Golf programs.

Teaching Theory

I work with what my students bring to their personal games of golf. My goal is to assist each client in understanding their “unique abilities and strengths”. There are many ways to move a golf club to make good contact with a golf ball to gain direction, trajectory and distance. My/our job is to put those unique talents to work to have my clients gain greater overall satisfaction with the execution of their golf shots.

In addition, my goal as an instructor is to provide each student with “individually-tailored theory, swing mechanics, and practice/playing techniques” so they may better enjoy their golf experiences.