Corky Buckham


For three decades, literally hundreds of golfers, from beginners to advanced, have sought Harry “Corky” Buckham for his award-winning, proprietary instruction and recognized custom fitting techniques. 

A P.G.A. class A-1 member with an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer service, Corky is highly regarded for outreach, particularly among juniors and women, and his efforts to promote the game by developing distinguished tournaments and events, including the Canadian/American event in 2010.

But beyond his role as an ambassador of the game, Corky’s driving passion is to help every player  improve their game, stroke by stroke, and ultimately, enhance their love of the game.

With 30 years of experience and methodical, exhaustive approach to teaching and fittings, he is a highly regarded, sought after pro throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern regions.

Corky’s three-pronged approach to each player is designed to improve their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and equip them with clubs perfected suited to their skill level, unique characteristics and goals. 

First-time clients can be confident that they are in the care of an experienced professional and will have access to the most advanced technologies available in the industry today, including video analysis, as well as laser putting, fitting and launch systems.

These state-of-the-art tools are used to identify crucial criteria, including a golfer’s likes and dislikes, skills, problem areas, swinging style, dominant eye and balance of weight issues. 

From this exhaustive analysis, which can take up to two hours, Corky then customizes equipment so it is ideally tailored for each golfer, based on key variables including length of shaft, weight, flex, bow and torque.

But Corky adds another element, a revolutionary, proprietary color system for putters and grips that he spent years developing and perfecting. 

By applying a select color to lines and grips, which varies from player to player, golfers have an extra tool in their arsenal to identify correct angles, measure distance, ease tension in arms and shoulders, and improve hip and shoulder alignment, all skills that can literally transform their game.  Corky plans on publishing an article about the system and extending it to other clubs in the near future.

What can golfers expect from Corky’s exceptional instruction methodologies and unique fitting systems? More confidence, better accuracy and improved overall performance.

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