Dan Loucks


Teaching Philosophy

The well-defined classic swing motion of players from yesterday and today are within the physical capabilities of each individual student. Correct posture, grip, and leg work are paramount for a golfer’s best balance from start to finish of the swing. The broad parameters of HG fitting allow a dedicated instructor to build a classic swing.

Only precisely-fitted equipment allows for the maximum potential for permanent improvement and enjoyment of the game. In most cases only HG precision fitting can accomplish the maximum results for the golfer.

Equipment Affects Motion…. precision fit equipment changes motion to the positive. In most cases, positive change is a journey; Mainly, old compensations to poorly fit equipment need to be shed. The thrill of fitting is knowing that those taking the time to enjoy the journey will permanently improve their swing, scores and enjoyment.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Quarter Century Member of PGA of America
  • James Griffitts Award Winner – 2000
  • Top 5 Certified Teacher Annually
  • Randy Henry Award Winner – 2007

Capital City Club

Capital City Club, a private course (est. 1913), was an early home course of Bobby Jones. It was also one of the venues where Byron Nelson won his eleven in a row. Our second course, “Crabapple” (est. in 2000), is the site of the 2003 American Express World Championship was.

The teaching area has a spectacular range, complete with short game and bunker area. We have indoor and outdoor accommodations for year round access with high tech video capabilities.

We service our members and their guests with a complete program of swing lessons and on-course playing lessons. The best in clubfitting and video analysis are available.

  • Master Fitter
  • Premium Fitter
  • Randy Henry Award
  • James Griffits Award