David Hobson


Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is simple. Nobody is built the same, or has the same strength, flexibility or athletic ability. I teach that the body is going to move the way the body moves. I build a swing to fit the individual person. That is why the golf club is so important to the player’s ability to improve. There are always the basics that everyone needs to follow. However, after the basics are set, the swing motion is determined by the player’s flexibility, strength, size, age, and even their ability to feel and think. These characteristics are different in everybody and need to be taken in to the overall motion. I start with a complete club evaluation and personal information sheet for each player. I obtain this information through a series of questions, and by putting the player on the lie board. Using this information, I build a lesson plan for each student. I then proceed to teach basic balance and a basic motion. I then build a swing and try to fit that swing to the body motion of my student. I make sure that the club they are using for their lesson is the club that fits them the best. This insures more rapid improvements in the student.

Professional Accomplishments

  • PGA Class “A” professional
  • Henry-Griffitts certified teacher
  • Henry-Griffitts Professional Clubfitter 2007
  • Henry-Griffitts Randy Henry Award 2008

  • Premium Fitter
  • Professional Fitter
  • Randy Henry Award