Gaylord Rhodes


– Director Of Instruction Rhoderunner Golf Coaching Center

– Lead Instructor Golf Coaching Center Las Vegas Country Club

I believe that each individual actually teaches themselves, as they gain knowledge and experience. The golf swing itself is performed best when the student is in balance… physically, as well as mentally and emotionally. It is my job as the students coach to provide a non-judgmental environment, as well as the tools and equipment they need to allow them to get the proper feedback as they open up to this self discovery process.

By simplifying your understanding of the full swing into concepts based on a natural balanced motion you can leave the mechanics on the lesson tee and create an evaluation system of your “swing motion” with your coach that allows you to understand why your ball goes left, right and straight. This allows you to make quick adjustments based on what the ball is doing and frees you up to begin to become more target aware and less mechanical. When you begin to actually play golf and not golf swing you will finally be free to play better golf, improve your scores and most importantly have more fun.


-Class A Member of the PGA 1989-2001

-Director of Instruction Rhoderunner Golf 2004 – present

-GSEB Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor

-Henry-Griffitts Master Clubfitter® 2005

-Henry-Griffitts Professional Clubfitter® 1997

-Henry-Griffitts Regional Training Professional 2003 to 2007

-Member of the Junior advisory staff Henry-Griffitts 1990’s

-Board of Directors So. Nevada Junior Golf Assoc. 1993-96

-Captain— Nevada Junior Boys America Cup team 1993-95

-Staff PGA Instructor at Angel Park G C Las Vegas 1989-95

-Head of Instruction & Club-fitting Sunrise Country Club 1995-97

-Director of Club-fitting Dalton Straight Shootin’ Golf 1997-2003

  • Master Fitter
  • Premium Fitter
  • Professional Fitter
  • Junior Fitter