Jim Mapother


Teaching Philosophy

Teaching golf requires the teacher to evaluate not only the swing motion, it also requires an evaluation of strength, flexibility and stability of the body, as well as the influence of the club on the flight of the ball.

The swing motion needs to be made simpler and sensory driven. The student must sense the changes the teacher makes in their body for true learning to occur. Thinking about which body part is moving is contrary to swinging the club effectively.

I believe in working with a basic athletic motion of weight transfer and rotation of the hips and shoulders. The movement of the hands and arms will create a balanced rotation and weight transfer when done in an athletic manner.

As for the strength, flexibility and stability issues we will evaluate and design a program to address issues which interfere with the natural athletic motion of your golf swing. I realize that physical training can require additional time, which is why I provide a program that is simple and effective. It will require a small amount of time for a substantial return in performance. It has been documented that a three time a week stretching program can increase distance by as much as 6%.

Lastly, I will evaluate the equipment, because equipment will influence the flight of the ball, as much as body movement influences ball flight. If the equipment has too much influence to the right due to lie angles, head designs and/or shaft flexes, the player must overcome the miss-designed components while swinging the club. I will design a “blue print” for the perfect club so that you will know what to purchase when you are ready. You will have the opportunity to compare your clubs to the fit club and decide which serves your needs best.

All three areas, swing motion – the body – and the club affect the flight of the ball, as well as your ability to be consistent, while increasing your power and ultimately your distance.

A lesson program must incorporate all three areas in order to provide you with the tools to maximize your enjoyment of golf.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Life Member of the PGA
  • 16 Years ~ Head Golf Professional in Tucson, Arizona
  • 19 Years ~ Director of Teaching Training and Development for HG
  • Member of the PGA of America Faculty
  • Henry-Griffitts Professional Clubfitter
  • Henry-Griffitts Master Clubfitter
  • Certified Golfing Machine Instructor
  • Lely Golf Resort and Country Club

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