Lily Garcia-Kurotobi


Lily is also known as “Tiger” Lily is dedicated and passionate to growing the game of golf by increasing women, children and men’s participation in Golf! She can hlep people maximize their full potential by helping them understand; Clubface alignment, Path of the swing(swing path), Angle of Attack, speed of the clubhead, Stance & Posture, Grip, Body Alignment, Balance, Club equipment that encourages correct postions and motions.

Learning and accepting the game’s basic fundamentals will help you understand why the golf ball flies a certain direction, which is due to the impact of your CLUB and the ball!

She has coached tennis, basketball, softball, baseball, soccer for over 8 years and now has coached Golf for over 5 years. She understands how the body functions and how everyone has different flexibilities, strengths, body shapes, abilities, ailments, competiveness and desirres and how previous experiences can relate to the golf swing. Lily has also competed and excelled throughout her life in many sports and understands the mental game involved in competition.

Lily has enjoyed competing in all sports, but golf is her ultimate passion! She has been playing golf for over 16 years but she achieved a Zero handicap shortly after 3 years of playing golf. She now gets more satisfaction and excitement from seeing her golf students excel and reach their desired golf potential, whether its competing in tournaments or just able to hit decent shots and have a fun round of golf. She has been a Real Estate Agent for over 23 years and she has met many people and has a passion for helping people. Lily was fitted for Henry Griffitts golf clubs in 2007 and understands how important having the properly fitted golf equipment helps your golf swing and achieve better golf scores!

  • Premium Fitter
  • Junior Fitter