Matt Bunn


Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is simple and consistent. I believe that most players try to make the game much harder than it should be by over analyzing. People seem to second guess the swing and or their equipment. I believe if they have properly fit equipment their motion will improve which will ultimately lower their scores. By lowering scores the student will have more fun playing the game.

I have been teaching golf since 1994and I worked for Les Blakley at the Spokane Country Club and it was there that I was introduced to the Henry-Griffitts Fitting System. The system really interested me because it is based on teaching and improving ball flight by using a combination of teaching and equipment. It was there that I developed many different golfer development and lesson programs for our members.

As a teacher I’ve learned that each person is different just as are the clubs they use. The one key ingredient is putting a properly fit club in their hand to hit more solid shots. This will increase confidence and lead to lower scores.

Professional Accomplishments

  • IEPGA Junior Golf Leader – 2003
  • IEPGA Player of the Year – 2003
  • IEPGA Player of the Year – 2004
  • A-1 PGA Member

Hayden Lake Country Club

Hayden Lake Country Club is nearly 100 years old and is the facility where Henry-Griffits was first founded. We have a beautiful 18-hole facility, practice tee, putting and chipping greens. We also have a 3-hole practice area for students and members.

  • Premium Fitter
  • Junior Fitter