Michael Marcum


Teaching Philosophy

I believe the student must leave their lesson with a firm understanding of their balance evaluation system. They need to know why the ball goes where it goes and understand how their swing made it happen. If the club is an interference with this process, they need to know this as well. The distinct difference between my teaching now and 13 years ago is that I now know when the club is a part of the problem. I used to teach compensations for the equipment, since I wasn’t aware that the club was part of the student’s problem. This resulted in limited success for the student. Equipment can have a huge and devastating effect on the student’s motion and balance. It’s my job to help the student feel, see, and hear the change in ball flight and motion when the equipment changes. That is why I use the Henry-Griffitts golf training cart. It allows me to alter the “training club” which in turn changes the motion to the desired balance. With Henry-Griffitts, I can fit the club to the desired motion which will reward the student for the proper swing motion. The club then becomes the ultimate training aid when ball flight and swing motion match.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Henry-Griffitts Master Fitter
  • Nominated for Teacher of the Year in So Cal Section PGA ~ 2004
  • Former Instructor for Dalton McCrary Straight Shootin Golf Schools
  • Director of Instruction at the School of Golf at Empire Lakes Golf Club
  • Club Fitter of the Year Award, San Diego Chapter PGA ~ 1995
  • HG Professional Clubfitter Award ~ 1999
  • Southern California Section PGA Club Fitter of the Year Award ~ 2001
  • Jim Griffitts Award, Henry-Griffitts ~ 2002
  • Inland Empire Chapter PGA Club Fitter of the Year Award ~ 2003
  • Former Instructor for the San Diego Golf Academy


“With my new Henry-Griffitts clubs, if the shot is not right, I know that it is my mistake and have now learned how to correct it. With your clubs and Michael’s instructions, I can hit the ball longer and straighter than ever in my life. This, of course, has made me a very happy customer!” – Jim Forney

  • Master Fitter
  • Premium Fitter
  • Professional Fitter
  • Junior Fitter
  • James Griffits Award