Steve Wresh


Teaching Philosophy

One golf swing does not work for all golfers. The instructional experience must be structured around the individual. Although there are a number of fundamentals that need to be addressed when learning a proper swing including grip, posture and alignment, these fundamentals may be “personalized” to compliment the individual student’s characteristics. Physical abilities, body type, goals and practice regimen will influence an individual’s ability to make a proper motion and implement changes in their swing.

Proper club fit is an aspect of the instructional process that is often omitted or, if addressed, done so inadequately. Golf is no different than any other sport. Properly fit equipment influences performance. Anyone trying to make a consistent swing with improperly fit clubs will be frustrated; wasting time, effort and money. Poorly fit equipment adversely affects some or all of the following: posture, ball flight (direction & trajectory), motion, consistency, comfort, confidence, scoring, and feel.

Since most students make adjustments to their swings based on ball flight, the best place to address proper club fit is on the driving range. Since an improper swing will also influence the fit of a golf club, the golf professional must be able to observe the student’s swing and the ball flight in order to properly fit a golf club. You can not address club fit without addressing the swing, or vice versa.

Individuals that have had clubs fit by someone using static measurements including height, fingertip distance to the ground and swing speed, or have been fit indoors hitting into a net have probably been inadequately fit. These methods do not account for the many dynamics of the swing that influence club fit.

Since a properly fit golf club is essential in making a proper, repeatable golf swing, I always address this issue with students. Any student taking a series of lessons at the Stephen Wresh Golf Academy will receive a complimentary clubfitting analysis. Using the Henry Griffitt’s Clubfitting System, which allows over 4500 club configurations to be placed into a student’s hands, I can determine the optimal club fit for any student. If a student’s clubs do not fit them correctly, I will put a properly fit club into their hands allowing them to experience the improvement a properly fit club makes on their swing and on ball flight. Individuals electing to participate in my 40 Days to Better Golf program will also receive one complimentary iron that fits them correctly.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Henry-Griffitts Professional Clubfitter
  • PGA Professional
  • Henry-Griffitts Club 2003/2004 #1 Certified Teacher
  • Randy Henry Award – 2003
  • Jim Griffitts Award – 2007

  • Master Fitter
  • Premium Fitter
  • Professional Fitter
  • Junior Fitter
  • Randy Henry Award
  • James Griffits Award