Myung Sook “Sunny” Marcum


Teaching Philosophy

After a brief interview with the student inquiring about their present level of play, goals for the future, etc…, I look at the swing for fundamental strengths or weaknesses. If the student is unable to perform with sound fundamentals, then I look at the equipment. I use the Henry-Griffitts Golf Learning Center cart to help investigate my student’s swing problems. I also use the cart to make training clubs that will improve the student’s motion and ball flight.

In eight years as a Korean LPGA tour player, I used eight different sets of clubs. I had trouble trusting my swing during my career. I know now that changing clubs every year contributed to my inconsistency. Now that I have fitted clubs I can trust my swing, even if I haven’t practiced as much as I would like; and I find that my swing repeats itself with much more consistency. I wish I had this knowledge when I was playing on tour. I firmly believe that Equipment Affects Motion. I’m not able to teach people very well if their equipment is causing the bad swing motion. That’s why all my students have their equipment evaluated during the lesson program.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Randy Henry Award Winner ~ 2005
  • HG Professional Clubfitter Award
  • Instructor at Dalton McCrary’s Straight Shootin’ Golf Schools
  • Instructor at Empire Lakes Golf Course
  • Member of Korean Ladies PGA
  • Played on the Korean PGA Tour for Eight Years
  • Henry-Griffitts Certified Teacher


  • Premium Fitter
  • Professional Fitter
  • Junior Fitter
  • Randy Henry Award